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Presenter: Ellen Waldorf, JD

Wed February 13th - From 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Scandinavian Living Center
206 Waltham Street
West Newton MA , 02465 Directions


Among the skills that the Aging Life Care Association touts on its website is the ability of its members to “help families…problem-solve…, addressing…internal conflicts and differences of opinion about long-term care planning.”  But how do you help families when family members will not speak with one another or are arguing among themselves?

Ellen Waldorf, a family mediator, will teach techniques for regaining your balance when family conflict sidetracks you from the assessment, monitoring, and advocacy tasks that you have been engaged to do.  Ellen also will discuss methods for facilitating communication and decision-making among battling family members within and across generation


  • Understand that conflict is an everyday experience (5min)
  • Identify how to prepare for planned and unanticipated difficult family conversations (20 min)
  • Develop active listening skills (20 min)
  • Recognize the limits to helping families resolve conflicts (20 min)
  • Questions and answers (10 min)


Ellen Waldorf is a mediator who has worked with hundreds of families.  Ellen focuses her practice on divorce and intergenerational family conflicts.  Ellen has helped train mediation students at area law schools, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, and Divorce Mediation Training Associates.  Ellen has spoken on a variety of topics to the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, the?Academy of Professional Family Mediators and the Massachusetts Bar Association.  Ellen is a co-founder of Aging in Detail, an alliance of professionals serving seniors and their families, and Clergy Works Institute, an organization training clergy in mediation and negotiation skills.  Ellen serves on the board of the Community Dispute Settlement Center.  Prior to mediating, Ellen?worked for a private investor, practiced corporate law, clerked for a federal appellate court judge, taught English in China, and interned for “Late Night with David Letterman.”? Ellen is a graduate of Yale University and New York University School of Law.