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Posted: 03/27/2018
This New York Times article reports on a personal narrative as well as directing the reader to the many resources and communities available for the savvy aging adult.
Posted: 05/14/2017
Let's face it: no one likes to think of one's self as "old". We have an unfortunately negative culture about aging itself and this can cause a lot of problems. But some of these issues can be resolved by taking a few smart steps at age 65 or sooner.
Posted: 12/09/2015
Article from Kiplinger offering advice on the caring of a caregiver.
Posted: 12/09/2015
Boston Globe article link.
Posted: 12/08/2015
An article from the New York Times about how Caregivers sometimes must sacrifice thier careers.
Posted: 03/08/2014
David J. Ekerdt and Lindsey A. Baker - Gerontology Center, University of Kansas, Lawrence. Objectives: Possessions constitute a dynamic “material convoy” that accumulates across adulthood to furnish role enactments and the development of the self. Following a familiar life course arc, older people should hypothetically release the possessions that equipped the daily lives that they no longer have.
Posted: 02/25/2014
The bumper sticker reads, “Be nice to your children; they’ll pick your nursing home.” Not so funny to elders or caregivers. But when you do notice that your parents or loved ones need more help than you ever imagined, you need to know how to start that conversation.
Posted: 02/02/2014
How do you know when its time to seek assistance in caring for and elder? This article may help shed some light.
Posted: 01/06/2014
Indicators For A Consultation With A Professional Geriatric Care Manager
Posted: 01/06/2014
Professionals Bring Relief To Growing Problem.
Posted: 01/06/2013
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Posted: 01/06/2012
I Promised Mother I'd Never Put Her In a Nursing Home
Posted: 01/06/2011
Look out for the caregivers when their buttons get pushed.